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7pc Jar of MLB Sea Salt Chocolate Cookies


This item is only available as a free gift for pre-orders whenever I run a promotion. It isn’t available as a standalone item for ordering.

Guaranteed to bring a smile to everyone’s face! Both adults and children love my home-made crispy and chewy cookies loaded with luscious chunks of dark chocolate and sprinkled with a magical touch of sea salt!

Serving suggestion: Best served at room temperature or warmed up (2 mins in air-fryer or 30s in microwave).
Storage: Store at room temperature in airtight containers for 2 weeks or longer.

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Absolutely delicious AGAIN, my neighbours were so impressed!

Sochenda Jul 2022

Hi MummyLiz, the bakes were absolutely delicious AGAIN😘 thank you!!! You have new fans, I gifted them to 3 of my neighbours and they were so impressed, especially with the pear tart base 🙌🏻

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