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MLB Sea Salt Chocolate Cookies (Urgent Order)


This is for urgent same-day pickup or delivery – please pre-order here if you can wait a day or two!

Guaranteed to bring a smile to everyone’s face! Both adults and children love my home-made crispy and chewy cookies loaded with luscious chunks of dark chocolate and sprinkled with a magical touch of sea salt!

Available in three pack sizes:
3 jars of 12 cookies each – $38
35 cookies in a box – $29
70 cookies in a box – $52

Serving suggestion: Best served at room temperature or warmed up (2 mins in air-fryer or 30s in microwave).
Storage: Store at room temperature in airtight containers for 2 weeks or longer.


Not too sweet and you are so generous!

Carol Jul 2020

Wow I just tasted the 2 cakes!! Very yummy!!! The brownie taste moist and strong chocolate flavor, the pear pie also very nice! Not sweet just nice…highly recommend your cake! The cookies super yummy!! Not too sweet and you are so generous to put a lot of nuts and dried berries!

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