MLB Dark Chocolate Brownies


My fudgy dark chocolate brownies are laden with chunks of dark chocolate nestled under a crackly crust. Everyone loves them as they’re not too sweet and are always the party favourite!

Available as:
Whole brownie (20x20cm) – $44.95
Half brownie (20x10cm) – $24.95
3 jars of Brownie Bites – $51.95
1 jar of Brownie Bites – $17.95

Serving and storage
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So glad that I ordered your bakes cos they are amazing!

Melissa Jun 2020

Hi Liz, I am so glad that I ordered your bakes cos they are amazing. The pear pie exceeded my expectations, I’d definitely reorder them. Love the lemon blueberry as well as I think the blueberry balances the sourness of the lemon. I enjoy the carrot cake very much too! I was pleasantly surprised by the sea salt cookies as well as I didn’t expect there to be chocolate in the middle! Can’t wait to finish all of these and order them again the next month.

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